Brand and Business Services 

1. Business Development Research, Strategy and Outreach

2. Partnerships/Collaborations 

2. Verbal Brand Identity Strategy and Development 

3. Marketing and Social Media Content Strategy
5. Media Strategy and Outreach 

6. Resourcing Strategy and Outreach

7. Design Consulting

Communications and Content Services

1. Award Submissions

2. Biographies

3. Brand Voice Identity and Language 

4. Design and Architectural Project Narratives, Case Studies, and Description
            A. Practice areas include branding, digital, campaigns, exbition, experiential, interiors, programs, platforms, and product.

5. Ghostwriting

6. Internal and External Communications

7. Brand Mission Statements, Vision, Philosophy/Ethos, and Values

8. Social Media  

9. Public Speech Writing

10. Fiction and Non-fiction

11. Copyediting for all of the above

[Writing samples, referrals, and portofolio available upon request.]